Raw Snickers Bars

My Raw Snickers Bars are certainly a crowd-pleaser! The gooey, rich and sticky caramel, paired with the dense coconut base is completely irresistible…and let’s not forget about the decadent dark chocolate layer…what more could you want in a dessert!


Seedy Puffed Millet & Tahini Slice

Vegan, gluten free, nut free, refined sugar free This slice has quickly become one of my favourite healthy creations and is my go-to recipe when brunching with friends or prepping uni snacks for the week ahead. This slice is also ideal for school lunch-boxes because they don’t contain any nuts but are still full of… Continue reading Seedy Puffed Millet & Tahini Slice

Healthy Choc-Chip Cookies

(Vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, nut free) I’ve definitely tried and tested my fair share of vegan + refined sugar free choc-chip cookie recipes over the years, and I’ve finally found a keeper! I’ve received lots of great feedback on this recipe and would love to share how simple and easy it is. This… Continue reading Healthy Choc-Chip Cookies

Blueberry Scones with Cashew & Cardamom Cream (VE, GF, RSF)

If you followed my (excessive) Instagram story uploads when I was on holiday, you’ll probably be familiar with my favourite café from the whole trip, ‘Wild & The Moon’. With 5 locations dotted around Paris, we were spoiled for choice when it came to choosing a brunch option! All their cafés are organic, plant-based, no… Continue reading Blueberry Scones with Cashew & Cardamom Cream (VE, GF, RSF)

Spiced Eggplant and Chickpea Stew

I’m excited to finally share my first recipe collaboration with an authentic, traditional and well-loved South Australian brand, Lucia’s. Many of you will be familiar with Lucia’s Pizza and Spaghetti Bar located in the Adelaide Central Markets. Since the late 1950s, Lucia’s have successfully established the venue as an iconic Adelaide institution, and have grown… Continue reading Spiced Eggplant and Chickpea Stew

Gluten Free Rosemary and Sage Crackers

These crackers have definitely crept their way to the top of my pantry-essentials. They’ve proven to be a well-loved addition to any dinner party platter, meal prep or on-the-go snack. Much like most of my recipes, these rosemary and sage crackers are super simple and quick to make, with only a handful of wholesome and… Continue reading Gluten Free Rosemary and Sage Crackers

Healthy Chocolate Crackles

I’ve decided to create a healthy and vegan version of one of my favourite childhood sweets…chocolate crackles! This dessert includes one of my favourite flavour combinations…chocolate + peanut butter and is a much healthier alternative compared to the original copha-filled crackles! They’re super quick and easy to make, you’ll be able to whip them up… Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Crackles

Healthy ANZAC Cookies

ANZAC cookies have always been a favourite of mine, so this year I’ve decided to create a healthy version, free from dairy, egg and butter. Instead, I’ve used natural and unrefined products, such as oat flour, almond meal and coconut sugar. Although these wholefood ingredients are a little different to those traditionally used, the cookies… Continue reading Healthy ANZAC Cookies

Banana + Oat Pancakes ft. Vegan Chocolate Sauce

This is by far one of the easiest pancake recipes out there, it's so easy to follow and uses ingredients that you'll most likely have in your kitchen right now! They're also so versatile, so you can add/change the key flavours depending on what you're in the mood for. For example, this morning I added… Continue reading Banana + Oat Pancakes ft. Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Vegan Chocolate Tahini Cookies

One of my current obsessions is definitely tahini, so I thought why not make them into a cookie! The addition of the tahini gives these cookies a light, delicate texture and a taste that is slightly reminiscent of a Cadbury Dream chocolate bar...but full of super nourishing ingredients instead! With only a few ingredients, these… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Tahini Cookies